Innovation Leadership MasterclassTM

In today’s increasingly complex and fast-paced world, innovation has become a mere table stake, at both personal and organisational levels, for competitiveness. The shift in what works in today’s fiercely competitive world remains even more transient. The demands thrown up by the new forces of change, like the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digitization, Future of Work, Internet of Things, etc. are reconfiguring organisational leadership requirements. To stay competitive, leaders in academia, government, industry and civil society require innovative management strategies, better policy implementation and effective collaboration skills.

Nigeria’s local environment and its peculiar challenges, impose even additional burden on higher education institutions leadership. The implication is that they require greater collaboration, creativity and discipline, and a supportive platform, to be able to successfully pilot the affairs of their respective institutions.

ILM – Innovation Leadership MasterclassTM is created to provide that support to the Chief Executives and top decision makers in the public and private sectors through training workshops, networking, and knowledge and experience sharing. The critical contribution of this platform would be that it supports the Chief Executives and their respective teams, while also serving to prepare other top decision makers for the prime position in the near future.