Rethinking Nigeria’s Higher Education

A telling story of a system in crisis

“Rethinking Nigeria’s Higher Education” is a documentary film series that takes a deep dive into the sea of Nigeria’s higher education system in an attempt to understand the big issues, dig up insights and fresh ideas around the intersection of funding, governance, infrastructure, innovation, intellectual capital, partnerships, research and students experience. One of the key objectives of this higher education documentary series is to clearly capture and portray the convergences, contrasts and weaknesses in the operations of our higher education system compared to the way globally competitive institutions are run elsewhere.

With this film series we hope to provide alternative views, new insights and fresh ideas to leaders, policy makers and stakeholders in academia, government and industry. The purpose is to catalyse positive actions and cause a monumental shift in the way Nigeria’s higher education system is functioning and performing when compared with many other globally competitive systems in Africa and beyond.

The documentary, among other research engagements, will involve a study tour of about 5 best ranked universities in Africa- across three countries. In addition to the engagements with the leadership of these institutions, insights and views from a select number of thought leaders in academia, industry and government in Nigeria will be captured. All these will be weaved into a compellingly powerful story that will resonate with the target audience, enough to inspire progress.

It’s not enough to send people to school, let’s get them educated.

Wouldn’t you rather support us to understand the issues and tell the story?

This documentary film series will help a large number of viewers across the world explore and gain deeper understanding of the contemporary issues, the intricacies and interplay in Nigeria’s higher education system.

The support we need and solicit for will provide us the much needed stability that will enable us continue this project. It will equally give us the capacity to team up with other critical stakeholders that will help us reach broader audiences across multiple platforms. A support may also help us build a cash reserve that will prepare us for other follow up documentary projects, by acquiring new equipment and improving our talent pool.

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