HEI Vision 2040

At the Centre for Higher Education Innovation and Development, we have a clear understanding that making real progress towards our vision requires two critical ingredients – a sense of sustainability, and a long term orientation – so CHEID is well cast in those regards. We developed a phased approach to achieving our objectives and set goals. The phase one is set for 2015 to 2040 aka HEI Vision 2040. Before the expiration of the 25-year term there would be clear and bold milestones in our higher education system to reference. They include:

  1. Five Nigerian universities will rank among top ten universities in Africa.
  2. An average Nigerian public university’s endowment fund will be worth as much as 100 billion naira.
  3. Nigeria will become Africa’s higher education hub.
  4. At least a Nigerian university will rank among world top 100.
  5. Industry presence in the Nigerian tertiary institutions will be common place.
  6. There will be remarkable general improvement in graduate employability.
  7. There will be general improvement in the HEIs’ intellectual property portfolio and value.