Intellectual Property Platform

Where innovation thrives, intellectual property is the stock-in-trade. Any economy seeking to compete in the global knowledge economy has a responsibility to establish a vibrant and effective intellectual property regime and a culture in which intellectual property is valued. The Nigerian government and academia still have a long way to go when it comes to the understanding of the full economic power of intellectual property. They lack the capacity to translate research outputs into economic goods or services. This lack of understanding the economic power of intellectual property loosely explains why Nigeria currently has fewer than 10 qualified patent attorneys. The shortage of intellectual property professionals has its negative implication for business. The Intellectual Property Lab project seeks to engage in the following:

  • Promote the institution of a vibrant intellectual property regime for Nigeria.
  • Keep track of developments and trends in intellectual property administration across the world.
  • Help organisations develop greater capacity to grow and manage their intellectual property portfolio as important asset.
  • Develop policies that promote intellectual property capital growth and the emergence of next generation intellectual property professionals.

Seek to understand evolving intellectual property administration bottlenecks.