Big Data

The exponential growth of data in the last decade far exceeds what we have seen in over a century ago. The ability to amass data, analyse it and gain useful insight from such data underpins industry and governance competitiveness in this century. Big data and its wide applications is more than ever before a sine qua non for planning, business and governance. The dynamic nature of data and what is known today as data capitalism present a serious security challenge – a responsibility every government should take seriously.  For Nigerian government to effectively go beyond controlling the responsible or fair use of data to supporting the broadening of data application, and empowering its citizens adequately to tap into available opportunities, it needs to understand and follow the developments in big data.

This initiative will engage stakeholders through tailored research and policy workshops for the purpose of helping industry and government stay up to date with data trends across the world. We will also commit to advocating for respect for privacy and irresponsible personal and business data disclosures.