Artificial Intelligence – AI

Artificial intelligence is gradually redefining the global economic competitiveness landscape. Its disruptiveness and the degree to which it will disrupt our society, governance, business and the future of work will be huge; and it is imminent. Many developed and emerging economies are gearing up to “maximize the benefits and minimize the risks that Artificial Intelligence generates”. They are building fluid structures and developing policies to keep up with the pace of developments in that sphere.

Obviously, Nigeria needs a response mechanism to stand a chance of tapping into the emerging opportunities. And there is no better time than now to go to work on Artificial Intelligence and related technologies. This project is therefore a call to action. We plan to collaborate with key stakeholders and experts in developing researched policy proposals, advocating for timely action, mobilizing talents and forces to explore the opportunities, exploit the benefits, and mitigate the negative implications of AI.  Our education system must rethink its approach to teaching and learning in this age. “By creatively combining analogue and digital offerings and approaches, teachers can make self-directed, cooperative learning even more effective while also promoting problem-solving skills and creativity.” On the other hand government needs to pursue policies and agenda that enable and empower its body corporate and citizens to thrive, but these pursuits must be from the standpoint of knowledge.