4IR – 4th Industrial Revolution

Quite like the previous industrial revolutions – from mechanisation of production (the first), mass production (the second) to the automation of production (the third), the fourth industrial revolution comes with its challenges and opportunities.  However, the fourth industrial revolution will be entirely different, in terms of the scale and speed of change, and the share complexity it heralds. The intersection of technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, big data, will most certainly define this era. The implications for society, government, industry and the individual will be huge but it will vary, especially in scale, from region to region. Global economic competitiveness is already being redefined and disrupted in more ways than one. What does this heralding change portend for Nigeria? And how best should it gear up for the challenges ahead and be able to tap the opportunities it offers.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution project is designed to partner with industry and technology experts, policy makers, academia and all other stakeholders to offer a cohesive strategy and action plans for optimizing the fourth industrial revolution opportunities on a dynamic basis. We will engage in extensive research, advocacy and policy advisory through this project.