National Higher Education Forum: A Bold New Direction

National Higher Education Forum: A Bold New Direction

Since 2014 when the inaugural edition of the National Higher Education Forum (NHEF) took place in Abuja, it has always been run as a national development project of Sojourn Global Services Ltd. While a lot of progress has been made since then, we knew ab nitio that we needed to do things a bit differently if we stand a chance of living up to NHEF’s dynamic vision. So, after some strategic considerations, we made two critical decisions.

First, we decided to set up a non-profit organisation – the Centre for Higher Education, Innovation and Development (CHEiD), to serve as a nexus for academia, industry and government knowledge exchange. The second decision was to transfer NHEF under the newly established Centre. The advantage we see in this bold new step is that CHEiD, being a non-profit organisation, will do a better job at pursuing broader coalesced objectives of both the Centre and NHEF.  Interestingly the transition is panning out well. 

The forthcoming National Higher Education Forum (NHEF) scheduled for the first quarter of 2020 will be the first under the Centre, and it promises to be bigger and better.  For updates on the progress, please visit this website regularly. 

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