CHEiD documentary research team completes the first leg of its international benchmark visits

The Centre for Higher Education, Innovation and Development (CHEiD) “Rethinking Nigeria’s Higher Education” documentary research team led by its…

Global trends in Artificial Intelligence

From the time the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first captured in 1956 as just an academic discipline a lot has changed, and in many ways, too.

The entire world is in such a strange war situation. It appears USA is the current epicenter of #COVIDー19 crisis. #NHEF2020 keynote speaker, @benjamin_akande, was on Mark Reardon Show to share his thoughts on US govt.'s economic policy responses. Listen https://bit.ly/3dtYfWR

This morning, I decided to pay all my workers/domestic staff. If we going to have a lock down in the country, they should have money to stock up.

The guy that collected salary advance last month, I also paid him his full salary. He will be needing it.

Please do the same...

My phone, which is satellite-tracked by the Taiwan gov to enforce quarantine, ran out of battery at 7:30 AM. By 8:15, four different units called me. By 8:20, the police were knocking at my door.

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National Higher Education Forum: A Bold New Direction

Since 2014 when the inaugural edition of the National Higher Education Forum (NHEF) took place in Abuja, it has always been run as a national development project of Sojourn Global Services Ltd.

Higher Education: Nigeria’s Lost Opportunity

Sustainable development seems, in a loose sense, the newest of the world’s recent obsessions – one that commands great attention from global leaders and theorists at the moment.

International Research Collaboration, the Yale-Fudan example

“There is only one world of science out there and this kind of international division of labour makes a lot of sense,” a statement attributed to a former Yale University President, Richard C. Levin, speaks volume about the kind of …

Diversification of an Economy: Why Research & Development Matter

That Nigeria needs to diversify her economy is like music to the ears of many. We have been singing this tune long enough to understand how to make success of diversifying Nigeria’s economy. Alas, we are still here, planning and praying perpetually.