Academia-community partnership in Nigeria: Can we change the narrative?

The answer to the “why” is at the foundation of higher education system in Nigeria. Academic institutions are structured to see themselves first and foremost as issuers of certificates and academic research publishers.

Institutions across Africa face common challenges in the COVID-19 crisis

In South Africa, universities were forced into an early recess two weeks after the first COVID-19 case was confirmed on 5 March. Government ordered them to evacuate campuses, bringing teaching and learning to a total standstill.

Online learning is integral to the future of Higher Education; embrace it or become irrelevant

An opportunity for African universities to adopt a strong resolve at addressing immediate challenges; … changing “what we do and how we do it, as we prepare for the future, post-COVID-19.”

A Nigerian, Benjamin Ola. Akande, Ph.D. Appointed the 9th President of Champlain College, USA

“His enterprising mindset and commitment to student success will be essential as he leads Champlain College in an evolving higher education landscape ….” – Charles Kittredge.

CHEiD documentary research team completes the first leg of its international benchmark visits

The Centre for Higher Education, Innovation and Development (CHEiD) “Rethinking Nigeria’s Higher Education” documentary research team led by its…

Global trends in Artificial Intelligence

From the time the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first captured in 1956 as just an academic discipline a lot has changed, and in many ways, too.

International Research Collaboration, the Yale-Fudan example

“There is only one world of science out there and this kind of international division of labour makes a lot of sense,” a statement attributed to a former Yale University President, Richard C. Levin, speaks volume about the kind of …

Diversification of an Economy: Why Research & Development Matter

That Nigeria needs to diversify her economy is like music to the ears of many. We have been singing this tune long enough to understand how to make success of diversifying Nigeria’s economy. Alas, we are still here, planning and praying perpetually.